Canadian Legal Innovation Forum: Collaboration Workshops

As a key component of the wider Canadian Legal Innovation Forum, ADB Insights - with the Canadian Bar Association as its strategic partner - is organizing and facilitating a series of exclusive collaboration workshops across Canada focused on improving innovation and collaboration in the legal sector.

The workshops’ purpose is to build both local and national networks for those seeking to develop innovative solutions to challenges they face in their legal practices with a particular emphasis on collaboration. These stakeholders include law firms, in-house counsel, academics and legal sector service providers.

There are multiple objectives for the workshops. To provide physical and virtual spaces where innovators can articulate, consider and propose solutions to the pain points they are facing in their daily work. To share innovation experiences (both successes and failures). And to collaborate using design thinking and other methodologies to both address challenges and to facilitate the development of a wider innovation network.

Key Information:

4 workshops. Held in major business centres across Canada in 2019: Calgary/Edmonton (June), Toronto (September), Vancouver (November)
60 attendees maximum per workshop. Participants split between: law firms, in-house counsel, academics and legal sector service providers. All levels of career experience encouraged to join as well as non-lawyers. • Afternoon/early evening timing. 5 hour sessions (with a dinner and/or networking drinks)
CPD credits. 4 credits per workshop from provincial law societies (estimated)

More information to follow soon…